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Why Standing Desks for Students?


#StandUpOurKids is a movement committed placing standing desks and flexible seating furniture (balance boards, sit to stand desks, and foot rockers) for students at school and kids at home. Before kids can build up the courage to stand up for their dreams they need to know their school is giving them the opportunity to stand up, physically, in the classroom.

We believe the 1st step in allowing kids to stand up for their dreams is allowing them to choose their personal learning space in the classroom.

Every kid in America should be given the opportunity to stand up in their classroom if they choose, whether they use a standing desk, or a high table. 

Stand Up Our Kids LLC is an organization committed to helping schools place standing desks for students across America. 

Traditionally, our children SIT in an audience type setting with a speaker on the stage, all day, everyday. The traditional model is no longer useful. Classrooms need to promote more active learning. Active learning that keeps brain vascularization at optimal levels throughout the day. 

As modern society has continued to evolve, the school classroom has been very slow to evolve, if much change at all in 200+ years. Yes, we are saying that the classroom has not really changed much since 18th century.

Standing desks for kids can be one simple answer to much larger challenges in our country. We are showing these youngsters that sitting at a desk 6-8 hours per day is the proper thing to do for a good, healthy life. But we know that's not the truth. Is that reasonable? 

Schools that have already converted to standing desks have seen an increase in student engagement, as well as performance.

Standing is a natural position that promotes more blood flow, less sedentary behavior and increased interaction. Standing desks are a simple change to a classroom. 

Standing up can also be a position that helps students gain confidence in a room full of people. Ultimately, kids should have the choice to stand up in the classroom for many good reasons. If we want kids to think for themselves at an early age, then giving them the choice to use standing desks in the classroom can help them learn how to make a decision for themselves.

This is the future of education and it starts today! Help us promote standing desks for students in the classroom. We must be teaching kids to periodically stand up to take care of their bodies but also take ownership of their education experience.