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I'm Standing Up and Disrupting

I would like to start off my very 1st blog post by saying thank you for being on this page to read my blog. Your attention and engagement is the purpose of writing a blog in the first place.

As a Husband, and Father of 3, in 2018 I thought it was beyond necessary to start a company that sells Youth StandUp Desks to schools. My goal is not to be a furniture company. My goal is to be a disrupter to the Education system, and it just happens to be that my 1st tool used in this mission in breaking through is a standup desk for kids.

I believe 2018 has brought Humans more of a voice than any other time in history. I founded Stand Up Our Kids LLC with the belief that every kid should be taught they have the freedom to choose their learning space. They have the voice to express themselves. Even when that expression is so small of a statement as "I don't feel like sitting down". Giving kids/students this type of choice is very powerful for their education experience. And I should know, my 2nd grade son has had life changing experiences with his standup desk for last year, I have seen it first-hand.

Our education system is designed to create 'workers' that will abide and conform to the rules of a large corporation. I chose the name "Stand Up Our Kids" because I believe we can give kids the ownership to learn the way they want to learn. We can give kids the ownership to lead the lives they want to live. We can give kids the ownership to STAND UP if they choose.

'Sitting down' all day in school is a metaphorical message that says 'you must abide and be taught'. However, on the contrary, many of the educators I have interviewed in the last 12 months think school should be sending a totally different message. Rather than "you must abide and be taught", the message in the interviews is "you must learn and take ownership".

This brand is committed to giving kids the opportunity to "learn and take ownership".


Derek Lopez

aka StandUp Dad