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Flexible “Seating” is Bad?

As a practitioner in the world of standing desks for kids, I have a very independent perspective of this Flexible "Seating" wave the Education industry is starting to see. As far as naming conventions relative to the actual occurrence, "seating" is an unnecessary and inaccurate use of words that does not clearly communicate the actual purpose. In other words, the correct title do this methodology is Flexible "Learning". Why? The word "Learning" accurately implies the Educator's mission. Which is to engage the child enough to want to learn on their own. Flexible "Seating" tells their little raw brains that sitting down and conformity is more important. The most effective title for a room that goes from uniform to flexible should be called a Flexible Learning Space or Flexible Classrooms. Not Flexible Seating Area or Flexible Seating Classroom. The first 2 titles imply a welcoming place to learn. The latter implies a welcoming place to conform. The first 2 titles imply a growth mindset. The latter imply a fixed mindset.
This message insanely important for Parents and Teachers to understand. They may understand it but the wrong message is coming out on social media. My brand will help amplify this message: When Educating a child and you have 1 choice between Learning and Conformity, what do you choose? Flexible "Seating" implies not only conformity, but sedentary behavior. The main objective of being "Flexible" is get the students moving around. Right? But if you're implying for them to take a "seat" first then Movement becomes secondary in the message.
For the "Flexible" movement to go in the best direction that drives a growth mindset is to immediately stop calling Flexible "Seating" and shift to Flexible LEARNING!