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The New ADHD Medication: Standing Desk

I have been selling standing desks to schools long enough to know that standing desks can help children with ADHD pay attention in school. 
I also declare standing desks as a preventative measure to getting inaccurately diagnosed. 
It's safe to say that I am a very rare subject matter expert in student standing desks. We have witnessed many cases of the kids who “can’t sit still” get a standing desk and start excelling. It’s a game changer. It’s not a cure to any one single problem. It’s simply an alternative solution for a sector of students who traditionally get sent to therapists and psychiatric professionals for “not sitting still”.

Our culture, and the education space, is starting to wake up to the benefits of standing desks in classrooms.

The Teachers that are early adopters are definitely utilizing standing desks as a way to grab the attention of the "fidgety" students. And guess what? It's working. The students that are deciding to use the standing desk are paying attention and getting their work done. They're focusing much more than normal when behind the standing desk.
Dealing with the "ADHD kids" in the classroom had been a growing challenge for the modern Teacher.

Whether you believe in the validity of ADHD, or not, it's very obvious all Teachers have to typically deal with a few disruptive, fidgety students in every classroom.
The classroom experience, by default, always has a few disruptive kids. But what if I told you a standing desk could change, and ultimately eliminate, disruptive students from a classroom?

Most would say it couldn't be done without proper medications. I would say kids don't need medication for the classroom experience. They need choice, novelty and excitement to keep their attention. Crazily enough, a standing desk provides all 3.
 Before you think ADHD kids can't focus in a classroom with medication just give them a standing desk and watch what happens.