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The Thesis - Kids Are Not Getting Enough Movement

Why did I start this company? Because kids are not getting enough movement throughout their day in school. Nobody is talking about the importance of Brain Vascularization, blood flow to the brain. If the brain is not getting a sufficient amount of blood it does not operate at an optimum state.

We have grandfathered in a 300 year old system that has kids sitting on their butts 5-10 hours per day. Education reform has a long laundry list but we should start at how much kids are moving throughout the day. We have an ancient, sedentary system and creating more opportunities for movement in the classroom should be everyone's priority.

Whether the solution is flexible seating classrooms or increased recess, school and school districts have a simple solution in front of them, they just have to pay attention. Standing desks, bouncy balls, brain breaks, jumping jacks... whatever it takes to get these kids more active throughout the school day. Let's be clear, this is not about SPED kids or Kindie's who love running around. Movement in the classroom applies to ALL students!

Let's make sense of this.

If the system, and society, want good test scores and high performance metrics wouldn't you want students at their optimum levels of movement? If you understood and respected science wouldn't you maximize exercise opportunities? If you wanted optimum brain function from your students wouldn't you promote an environment that kept their bodies moving constantly?

After 300 years of sitting kids down at a desk why wouldn't you try something a little bit different? Why not try flexible seating? Why not try increasing recess? Why not try deploying student standing desks?

How hard could it be to implement a flexible learning space that gives students the opportunity to move more often?

We have to think outside the box and give students more opportunities to be active in school. That's the thesis.

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