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“Sedentary” Sucks For Kids

It is very obv that our society is becoming more and more sedentar. The average kid sits down roughly 5-12 hours per day. Maybe even more. Kids wake up and sit down for breakfast. Then they typically sit down in the car or bus on the way to school. At school kids are sitting down a majority of the time. Then they get back on the bus or car to go back home. When they get home many are subjected to tablets, phones and videos games which means more sitting down.

Now let’s talk about childhood obesity and ADHD. Roughly 18.5% kids are at the obesity line. Roughly 6.5 millions kids are thought to have ADHD.

If you consider how much kids sit down throughout the day and then think about the ADHD and obesity epidemics amongst kids, you really start to ponder: is our sedentary society negatively impacting children’s mental and physical health?

Are kids being pigeon holed into a life of shallow sedentary behaviors that don’t activate their human strengths?

I would say “yes”.

Our sedentary culture is trapping kids into very limited boxes.

This must change.

Let‘s start with letting them stand up in their classrooms.